Potten & Pannen – Staněk is the CZ market leader in luxurious kitchenware. As a premium goods supplier ever since 1992, P&P has been the exclusive distributor for a number of highly prestigious kitchenware brands for the region, as well as selling their own branded products.

Although best known for their cookware selection, the brand’s scope stretches even further, such as into barbecue gear and premium grilling equipment. A key motivation for the video campaign Evil Friends was hired to execute has been raising awareness of the P&P barbecue segment and teaching customers to shop grill equipment at P&P

‘Barbecue is art’ – an adaptation of P&P‘s permanent claim ‘kitchen is for dancing’  –  has been chosen as the campaign’s primary claim. Visually speaking, the team decided during pre-production that the goal will be to display the act of preparing a masterpiece on the grill while likening the process to performing classical music. The video switches between shots of a professional chef working the grill and an attractive female cellist playing her instrument. Harmonic amalgamation of these two worlds has been key – in order to achieve that, meticulous pre-production including a detailed storyboard and a pre-planned camera motion plan for fluid creative transitions was necessary.

In order to achieve an attractive visual aspect and be able to execute a dynamic edit full of fluid speed changes in post, a hi-speed slow-mo Phantom camera capable of 1000 fps + shots has been chosen as a weapon of choice for the project in conjunction with a motion control system.

The resulting video ads were delivered in various custom formats to multiple platforms (social media, YouTube, pre-roll formats in relevant online magazines) as part of a complex seasonal nationwide campaign. The visually striking videos were met with a lot of interest from the target audience and initiated an excellent interaction / CTR (click-through-rate). Performance KPI’s were already fulfilled halfway through the campaign duration and performance stayed consistent for the entire campaign period, finishing at more than double the predicted numbers at campaign finish; a resounding success.

Working on projects with flexible clients who actively contribute to finding a common creative vision is always a joy for our creative team; we were glad to help P&P find a new, fresh means of marketing communication, as well as achieving double the performance goals.