Unilever – one of the largest corporations in the world – has been one of Evil Friends‘ major clients since 2019. Surf and Coccolino Care (laundry detergent brands) belong to the corporate giant whose mission is to create quality products worldwide while remaining sustainable.

Evil Friends was hired to produce TV/online video advertisements for both brands. Since each product has a unique target audience (Coccolino Care being the more premium in the pricing of the two), our mission was to differentiate both ads and custom tailor them to attract respective viewers.

The main selling point of Surf is its affordable price and unusually intense fruity scent; young women qualify as its primary target group. The concept has therefore been set to being playful, full of joy, dance, and colors. Another visual aspect of the video would be spinning displayed in many ways – the protagonist’s dance, stirring coffee in a pot, playing a vinyl record, or clock hands rotating. The ad’s music track has been composed and produced in Evil Friends‘ studios to match the mood as much as possible. Technically speaking, since online distribution was declared as equally important to TV, a 16:9 format has been chosen as the right output format. We used an Arri Alexa Mini camera paired with Leica Summilux lenses and a DJI Ronin 2 gimbal system.


On the other side of the laundry spectrum, Coccolino Care is a premium product with a different set of loyal fans (both sexes, age 30-45). The Italian name has a meaning closely related to ‘cuddling’ or ‘softness’ – a fact that inspired the ad’s visual concept.

One of the challenges while tackling this ad has been finding the right attractive locations in Prague and figuring out the right actors, costumes, as well as scene order for the right fashion statement. Brainstorming sessions with our client made us commit to an artistic film look for this one – we ended up using the same cinema camera while equipping it with Angenieux anamorphic lenses for sweet cinematic distortion and a wide 2,35:1 output format.

All the brain power put into these ads paid off; for the time being they have still been one of our favorite projects creatively, as well as some of the best known and most performing ads we have yet produced.