After lengthy cooperation between the Austrian construction material giant Wienerberger and Evil Friends on various projects, in the winter of 2021, our team was hired to produce a video campaign on the flagship products (Porotherm / Tondach), suitable for TV distribution.

Our creative vision has been clear from the start: rather than advertise the materials themselves, we would display the values and experiences only a quality home can offer. To further enhance this, we would let the house itself speak to prospective clients through a VO.

The essential values brought by a house made of quality Porotherm bricks and ceramic Tondach roof tiles have been identified as follows: safety, optimal interior dryness, and acoustic/thermal comfort. Experiences lived in such a welcoming home are displayed in the ad’s scenes, further accentuated by the female/male voiceover variants in the respective ad versions for either Tondach or Porotherm.

An important aspect of allowing viewers to truly experience the homely atmosphere has been the music, which has been composed by Evil Friends and created in our studios in order to fit the scenes perfectly.

The ads have been distributed to major nationwide-broadcast television channels, as well as custom targeted on social media (Facebook, Instagram). A support campaign has also been launched in the shape and form radio advertisements. You’re welcome to watch both ads below.